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Peter Townshend

Posts published by “Peter Townshend”

Peter Townshend has been a journalist for the past 25 years, writing critical analysis for many of the country’s leading publications. In addition to writing, he has lectured journalism and media studies, was founding editor of Ethical Living magazine, and launched numerous publications. He currently also runs a training company.

Gasping for hope

Despite overwhelming support for Black Lives Matter, we feel hopeless — racial equality is more dream than reality and racism has never been enough for people to take to the streets

It’s a con-spiracy

Jewish people around the world must, for the first time in the face of a global crisis, be smiling. For once they are not to…

Insulted by salt

On my daily brisk autumnal walk to the shops this morning with This Charming Man bouncing around the insides of my head, creating a sense…