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National Student Bank

To my fellow students I am given once again to reflect on the pathetic leadership provided to the students of South Africa by the ANC government, and in this case by the SACP’s former Minister Blade Nzimande, and the ANC’s Youth Militia of COSAS, SASCO, ANCYL, YCL and PYA. I recall that they all promised […]

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Truth and treason

This is not per se another article on the ANCYL’s comments regarding FNB’s new advertising campaign. If it were, it would probably devolve into an angst-filled rant at the ANCYL’s stupidity and FNB’s corporate power, much like the others I have read. Instead I want to focus on just one word, the word that the […]

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After the release of the National Development Plan (NDP) late 2011, the alliterative 2012 seemed to hold much promise. But it became a year of talk shops. For the first time ever, the national policy and elective conferences of the ANC, SACP, and Cosatu all fell in the same year. There was no implementing the […]

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Can we save the ANC?

The ANC is a party at war with itself. A party grappling with the machinations of converting from a liberation movement into a modern political party in government. This has proved to be a huge challenge as it also seeks to balance the fears and stubbornness of the old guard with the militancy and impatience […]

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So let’s rewrite the Constitution

According to Thomas Jefferson, we have four years to go. He wrote to James Madison in 1789: “Every constitution then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years.” He had some funny ideas; let’s leave it at that. Constitution writing has improved since the days of America’s “founding fathers”, the process described in […]

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Malema soap opera II

ANC Youth League deputy secretary general Kenetswe Mosenogi today shattered my utmost fantasy. I have always fantasised about her as an intelligent, beautiful, sexy, articulate, sassy and all round attractive young woman. This was shattered all at once (except maybe beautiful) when I heard her on SAfm this afternoon being interviewed by Tshepiso Makwetla. She […]