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Zimbabwe elections: A conspiracy theory

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While Egypt became the first example of expedience over democracy being openly accepted, if not actively promoted, by Western democracies it is going to find its match in Zimbabwe during the course of this week albeit without the fanfare and publicity that is occasioned by a military coup. The outcome, in my most humble opinion, […]

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Egypt, it is a military coup

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The conventional wisdom, regarding the Middle East, has always been that a group of democracies living side by side would usher in a new era of peace and co-operation in the region. In tandem with this we must have regard to the stated quest of, primarily, western countries in locating the moderate majority of Muslims […]

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Kim Kardashian shoots a bolt, names a kid

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What can one say about Kim Kardashian that hasn’t already been said about piles? I mean if regard is had to the endless self-created spin, which appears to fascinate the media and irritate the punters, then perhaps irritable bowel syndrome might have made for the better comparison. Enter the baby. Granted Kanye West and Kim […]

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Sharks supporter disintegrates

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I know that it’s probably none of your business but recently I have witnessed a tragedy that, to me, dwarfs all the suffering that we see daily on television and I felt that I had to share the same with you. If you are squeamish or faint-hearted stop reading this immediately. I have a cousin […]

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I’ve got Bieber fever!

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Radio Jacaranda has been running a competition which entitles the winner to four tickets to the Justin Bieber show. All the wenners have to do is SMS their phone numbers to the station and if they call you back you have to answer by saying “I have Bieber fever”. Then, if you’re a man, you […]

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Radebe to revisit the death penalty

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Virgin Active has entered me as a candidate for the South African 2013 Hurling player of the year despite the fact that I’m not Gaelic, have never held a hurley stick or hit a sliotar in my entire life. In fact the manager of the gym, Gaza, was so excited about it he came knocking […]

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Liverpool to retain Suarez for Crufts

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Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers moved swiftly to quell any talk of serial biter Luis Suarez leaving Anfield following the striker’s attack on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic midway through the second half of yesterday’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea. Rodgers said that as soon as the striker returned to the changeroom he had given him several smacks […]