The ANC is a party at war with itself. A party grappling with the machinations of converting from a liberation movement into a modern political party in government. This has proved to be a huge challenge as it also seeks to balance the fears and stubbornness of the old guard with the militancy and impatience of the young lions while keeping opportunists at bay.

The ANC as we knew it barely exists any more. It’s being killed by those who have no interest, respect and appreciation for the rich history and legacy the movement carries. These people are hell-bent on only enriching themselves at the expense of the once proud movement and the people of South Africa. Everybody can see we are on a downward spiral and on the verge of becoming another African failure but no, these people won’t stop. They won’t stop because they don’t care about SA, its people and the ANC itself.

The people I’m talking about are attracted to the ANC in droves by the prospect of power and fortune. They don’t sleep at night and go door to door lobbying for who must get into which position, not because they are most suitable but because they can be managed or “they are one of us”. Some of them even decide who can join the ANC and who can’t. Most of these people have amassed incredible wealth overnight without being involved in any meaningful productive businesses. They use this money to corrupt the movement further and deepen the rot.

The sad part is that many have absolutely no struggle credentials. They were too scared to join the movement when it didn’t pay to be a member, when it risked one’s life to be seen with known members of the movement. It’s an insult to the thousands who fought selflessly for the realisation of the freedoms we enjoy today. For me, personally, it is an insult to Futhane Dube (late), Phaphama Dube (late), Maskito Dube (late), Qhuzwane Dube (late), Zanele Dube (late), Thulani Dube, Queen Dube and Ntokozo Dube. These are family members who fought, went to exile and some lost lives for the ANC, the people of SA and asked for nothing in return.

The parasites have brought a state of paralysis in the movement and by extension the state apparatus. This paralysis starts at branch level where one can’t even get a membership form to join the ANC without someone checking who you know and which faction that person belongs to. The ANC is being killed branch by branch where branch meetings hardly ever deal with local social issues, discussion papers and ANC matters any more. They deal mostly with who must fill which position and who must get which tender.

This rot has crippled the state apparatus at national, provincial and local level. You find a senior government cabinet minister, MEC or mayor being told off by a young man simply because the young man feels he is more important and holds a powerful position.

These problems simply give White Inc a good excuse to divert attention from the transformation agenda to the detriment of the black population of the country. White Inc sees this as an opportunity to stall progress and start questioning how the ANC can be trusted with the country’s economy if they can’t even get their own house in order.

This rot has alienated many true cadres of the movement and those who have not left on their own accord are being persecuted. A few remain to fight the good fight but they are overwhelmed by the extent of the rot. For the lack of an alternative party that speaks to the needs of the majority of black people, many simply choose to stay away. They don’t vote and they don’t participate in political debates.

But all is not lost, I feel. It’s a fact that black people hardly have an alternative to the ANC. So logic says that those who truly cares for the country must either form a political party founded on similar principles to those of the ANC, contest the elections or seek to change the ANC from within. I will not talk about the new political party route as this route has been shown not to be Cope. There are still, in the ANC, a lot of dedicated individuals with integrity and if the people swelled the ranks of the ANC in numbers and forced change from within then maybe, just maybe the ANC could be saved. People in positions of influence in government must be brave enough to implement ANC policies as intended regardless of whether this makes them popular or not. We must see the fight against corruption taken up and fought without fear or favour.

Change is needed now and our people’s loyalty should not be taken for granted.


  • Despite his full-time duty of being a father to two girls and one boy, Nco Dube spends ample time fulfilling his passion for reading and writing. He is not a journalist but he writes from the heart, from an ordinary "man on the street's" perspective. His views are shaped by what's in the public domain and his analysis informed by his extensive reading and interaction with other ordinary South Africans from all walks of life. Dube is a marketer by profession who runs an experiential marketing company and is also a freelance events producer. He went to Catholic schools including St Francis College in Marriannhill and studied at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Unisa. You can follow him on twitter: @ncodube and on Facebook: Nco Dube


Nco Dube

Despite his full-time duty of being a father to two girls and one boy, Nco Dube spends ample time fulfilling his passion for reading and writing. He is not a journalist but he writes from the heart, from...

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