Part 5 of 6: Plenary

Today the big wigs will be reporting what emerged from the caucusing, making it seem like they care. The big wigs are just winding you up with some touchy feely nonsense to keep you energised about your homework to help achieve policy goals. They will spend the entire day reminding you that it is only…

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Part 4 of 6: Caucus

Now having established the leadership for the next five years, there will be pronouncements from the Policy Conference held earlier this year. More blah-blah-blah while the children starve. Posturing by newly elected leaders taking responsibility for the implementation of policies, starts the promissory ball rolling, “these new leaders will deliver”. Nonetheless this is an opportunity…

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Part 3 of 6: Election

Nominations flew thick and fast this last year. But now it seems that the results from the branches and provinces will be counted along with the votes from the women’s league, youth league and veterans league and other sections of the congress to establish a vote. Rather than this this process should be restricted to…

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Part 2 of 6: Plenary

Struggling with breakfasts, not enough suitpockets for buffet to go into. Lurching toward the conference centre, nursing a GUINNESS, gonzo’s gone so loud, they may have stocked enough GUINNESS in the fridge skirripoppop man likes. This tented-hall, This expo-centre, will it fit all the gatherings? Will it constrain all the pleadings? Will it dampen the…

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Part 1 of 6: Registration

It feels overwhelming this cavalcade of registrations each claiming to be authentic and yet none seeming to be real. Fake people for a fake race for fake taste. Skrrrrrrilup pup pup pup doom doom tak tak. Its over, you weasels were ducking. Skriiiiiiidi pup pup pup doom doom tak tak, it’s over me man was…

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When your Wiki page reads like a rap sheet

Being myself unaccustomed to fame and fortune, and the trappings of high profile folly, I don’t have a personal reference for this, but judging from the others it must be a shame when your Wiki page reads like a rap sheet. (more…)

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CR17: The “Top 5” Sickness

Dear Comrade Govender, You seem to forget the reality that:- We cannot say, “Top 8” – because then we’re broke; We cannot say, “Top 7” – because then we’re dead; We, as the ANC, are saying, “Top 6” – and we are hoping that you (Victoria Island) will carry us as we pay-off the factions…

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CR17: Please fill in the blanks

We are not confused, we can say, “Top 8”, without referring to football and/or soccer. Therefore will CR17 please fill in the blanks publicly – because we are not afraid of “slate politics”. CR17 Candidates: President General: Cyril Ramaphosa Deputy President General: Naledi Pandor Chairperson General: Gwede Mantashe Deputy Chairperson General: Unknown Secretary General: Senzo…

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The Soweto Marathon and important lessons running taught me

Running the Soweto Half-Marathon was a drastic step in my sporting life, and I achieved more than crossing the finishing line. Before the starting gun, I told myself that everything I had done while preparing for this race was behind me. Now was the time to give my best and make this race my magnum…

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The real sports transformation project lies not at national level

As a little boy, I witnessed my first live sports encounter from the veranda of our humble home in Sada (Hewu). Across the road, and a further 50 or so metres from there, was the rugby field that was home to the Wallabies Rugby Club. The field was hard – pure ground – without a…

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