Hey Bibi, Hey Bibi, Hey!

What do they Say Bibi, Say Bibi, Say?

Oh Bibi, Oh Bibi, Oh!

So Bibi, So Bibi, So?

That you’re crooked like a question mark

That you’re dining on public like a lark

That you’re turning greased wheels for greased ends

That you’re taking gifts from well heeled friends

That you’re sorting out problems for loud mouthed ends

That you’re shying away from this grief

That you’re peddling excuses like a thief

How Bibi, How Bibi, How?

Did you Fall Bibi, Fall Bibi, Fall!

Now Bibi, Now Bibi, Now!

Did you See Bibi, See Bibi, See?

That you’re dirty like a soiled nappy

That you’re clinging to power to make yourself happy

That your wife’s mixed up in this mess too

That using the telephone is not easy to do

That people have paid for access you’ve granted

That the paper routes were meant to be slanted

That you’re holding out for 2019

That you’re wasting time with what you believe

But now Bibi, you’re already mired

That’s why Bibi, you’re fired!



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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