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Fractured identities in the blogosphere

By Arthur Chatora Blogging significantly impacts how people share information around the world. Within the African blogosphere, specifically, there are a number of challenges that bloggers face including issues of language, representation and development. Were explained that blogging is not new to Africans. Africans have been blogging from time immemorial. Leadership has always been dependent […]

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From rock painting to blogging

By Melissa Gardiner We assume that First World countries introduced social media tools, such as blogging and digital storytelling, to Africa. In his speech “From rock paintings to mental acrobatics”, Ndesanjo Macha kicked off the 2007 Digital Citizen Indaba in Grahamstown on Sunday saying that Africa already had social media before the emergence of the […]

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Media beware!

It doesn’t look too grand for media freedom in South Africa. I recently surfed the net on the search for some facts on how well we’re doing in growing our child, the new democracy with all its newly won freedoms, into a healthy teenager (now that we’re 13). What I found was a blow: according […]

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Let’s dump our ‘foreign, frigid and feelingless’ Bill of Rights

Dali Mpofu, the CEO and “editor-in-chief” of the SABC, has lashed out at members of the South African National Editors’ Forum (Sanef) for “pretending to be converted to foreign, frigid and feelingless freedoms”. The issue that provoked Mpofu’s outrage was the Sunday Times‘s reliance on the right to freedom of expression in defence of its […]

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Cliff Jennings: The facts

Cliff Jennings, the now popular Idols contestant, was exposed to blogger Bruinman to be a marketing ploy by Ogilvy. This was confirmed on Tuesday by Pierre Cloete, brand manager at M-Net. I don’t want to discuss how I feel the campaign should have been executed or how Ogilvy doesn’t understand the concept of social media. […]

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Google News shoots for source

The official Google news blog has alerted us about a new feature on Google News that will help readers “quickly and easily” find original stories from news publishers. This should be interesting to watch, particularly in the local context where the vast majority of content on South Africa’s major mainstream news sites is replicated from […]

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Dali gets surreal

I’m beginning to think there’s something in the water at the SABC. Statements by Dali Mpofu, the chief executive and, ahem, editor-in-chief, make me wonder if it’s not lead. Mpofu’s latest letter breaking up with the South African National Editors’ Forum is a lesson in how to write with drama, emotion, exaggeration and delusion. So […]