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Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens and Madeleine — the joke’s on us!

Two “talents” of, at best, limited duration and the tragedy of a child’s disappearance dominating the media’s attention must tell you something. Indonesia is suffering the after-effects of massive quakes, George Bush has outlined his plan for limited troop reduction, the Japanese PM has just resigned and been hospitalised, Putin has just installed a shock […]

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Give us a break, Snuki!

The SABC celebrated itself, and only itself, at the 11th SABC Highway Africa new-media awards last Tuesday night in Grahamstown. It used the one-hour-long awards ceremony to promote shamelessly its new News International service and brag about its apparent excellence and professionalism in journalism. The mere fact that the SABC found it necessary to abuse […]

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Careful how you play the media

Much has been said in the media, blogosphere and the world in general about the case of the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann. What has been the most interesting of the entire case has been the part the media and the public have played in the entire saga. When the initial story hit the news […]

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Money, money, money

Contrary to popular belief, there is money to be made on the internet. The Mail & Guardian Online has become a profitable part of the M&G empire with advertising revenues increasing by 60% in the past year. M&G Online publisher Matt Buckland told the Digital Citizen Indaba in Grahamstown on Sunday that advertising has not […]

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Let’s talk about kissing

Kissing: in essence, two people licking each other and (sometimes) trying to devour the others’ lips. I’ve got me a definition that says: “A kiss is a touch of the lips as a sign of love, reverence, sexual desire or greeting.” Love, reverence, sexual desire or greeting. You’ve pretty much got the whole spectrum of […]

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Challenges of content within the blogosphere in Africa

By Arthur Chatora The issue of content production and representation is important within African news production. Anna Badimo, the chair of LinuxChix in South Africa, highlighted the need for new approaches in African news production in her presentation at the 2007 Digital Citizen Indaba conference in Grahamstown on Sunday. African news products should deconstruct Western […]

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Creating content for consumption

By Galen Schultz Die Burger, the Mail & Guardian Online, Independent Online and, more recently, the Times Online have all dived deep into the process of multimedia story-telling, the Digital Citizen Indaba in Grahamstown heard on Sunday. But what potential does this form of story-telling offer? What challenges do online news sites face? And what […]

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I blog what I like

By Melissa Gardiner Anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko published a collection of writings called I Write What I Like, speaking out against censorship under apartheid. With the rise of the internet, we have found ourselves in the throes of the “democratic” digital age and blogging gives people the opportunity to say what they like, in the […]