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Online hiding holes vs the law

VideoProfessor sells computer training videos, mostly through late-night infomercials. Like most companies, it offers a money-back guarantee, but there seem to be endless problems with overcharges, upsells and unclear terms. Some customers got a little fed up and posted anonymous, negative comments on websites such as VideoProfessor did not take kindly to this, and […]

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Blogging: The great seduction

I have written for newspapers. But, apart from the (very occasional) story that made it to the front page, I can’t recall the same frisson of excitement I feel when I submit a blog posting. Ridiculous, really. Print journalists write for huge audiences: the Sunday Times has more than 3,6-million readers. One of its top […]

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Dealing with my attention crisis

As the amount of new information produced in the world every day escalates, so I find my attention span decreasing in equal and opposite proportion. As more people in South Africa start publishing their own media online — on Facebook, blogs, videos and podcasts — so my choices about what to pay attention to become […]

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Show me the money!

I’ve had quite an eventful trip to the United States (still here), attending both the Commission Junction University Conference and TechCrunch40 — two seriously great conferences. I met hundreds of people, saw dozens of companies and handed out and received countless business cards. It was great fun — there is coverage on my personal blog […]

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The cut-throat method

In an attempt to rein in critical media, the government has embarked on a new trend: the withdrawal of advertising, an important avenue of income for most media. If we don’t like what you write, we’ll suspend some badly needed cash. Within the past few months, at least three South African newspapers have found themselves […]

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From blogger to editor-in-chief

A new daily paper is expected on the streets of Spain on Thursday and when it comes out, its 31-year-old editor, Ignacio Escolar, is likely to set an international milestone: the world’s first blogger to become editor-in-chief of a national newspaper. Actually, Escolar is a journalist, and he has worked as such in many small […]

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Online marketing in the mix

Upon pondering a topic for what would finally be my first and long overdue post on Thought Leader, I began wondering just why all the talk is around Facebook, YouTube, blogging and various other forms of social media. Has this discussion not been the core focus for months now? It is certainly the longest-running topic […]

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The blogging Player of the Week

After four weeks of excuses masquerading as blogs on “related topics”, the first blogging Player of the Week can be announced. The choice will not be a popular one among the blogging elite, but then this exercise is about recognition, not affirmation. First a recap: the original idea behind the Amablogoblogo is to recognise special […]