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No hanky panky allowed on new Airbus?!

Singapore Airlines’s inaugural A380 flight took to the skies a couple of days ago. But despite it being equipped with private double-bed suites in the first-class cabin, officials are reported to have said that passengers better not do the bouncy-bouncy in there … oh no! My recent interest in aviation and lack of Thought Leader […]

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What’s the frequency, Zuckerberg?

On Friday I read a rumour that Facebook would be launching a possible iTunes competitor. Since then the rumour has evolved and claims a more realistic scenario that Facebook will simply be implementing musician-friendly profiles — a feature that will compete directly with MySpace’s Artist platform (responsible for a huge part of their growth). Rafat […]

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Hiring: Hail hoaxer

10.45am — “Baby, apparently there is a big storm coming! So please drive safely! Love you lots.” 1.25pm — “Storm warning has been issued in the JHB area — Hail & lightning predicted pls take necessary precautions.” 4pm — The mildest storm I have personally experienced took place for a mere 30 minutes. I don’t […]

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iPhone so sweet. Revolutionary indeed

On Saturday night I got to play with Apple’s iPhone. Honest opinion? It’s the best damn gadget to hit Mother Earth since the cellphone itself. Where do I begin?! I first started following the iPhone in the media when it was just speculation about a year ago. Gizmodo has a separate section for it and […]

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Mac vs …

I’ve hated PCs all my life, but I’ve had to use ’em. Up until two years ago that was the case. But now I’m an Apple guy, a sworn Mac supporter, user and follower. This isn’t just to piss off the rest of the PC users, or to be different, or to bask in the […]