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Last impressions of Cambodia…

Yesterday morning we left Cambodia, after a month trying to unravel the perplexing knot of emotions we felt about the country. We found the natural beauty we’d been searching for, down south. Gorgeous, untouched beaches and islands near Sihanoukville (not in Sihanoukville, which was like a scene from a Spring Break movie, with cheap bars […]

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7 weeks and I’m outta here …

Not because I don’t love it here, because I do, but because I’ve got itchy feet and I’m raring to travel. Around the world, in fact. For 9 months. Together with my partner, Mark Peddle, who is a photographer, I’m about to embark on a Round-the-World journey spreading positive diabetes awareness. I’m a type 1 […]

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10 things we learnt from the Confed Cup

1. Nothing is ever certain until the final whistle blows. 2. You might think you know where the game is headed, but that can all change in the 90th minute. 3. Underdogs can become finalists. 4. You can’t only defend; you can’t only attack. 5. South African fans are the most colourful, the most enthusiastic […]

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Want some weekend distraction?

To celebrate our latest long weekend, a pair of my favourite websites: * 1000 Tiny Things I Hate I’ve written about this blog before, but it just keeps getting funnier and funnier! British comedian Jon Brown details all the many things that irritate him, like today’s post: #0156. HIGHLY SPECIFIC INTERNET POLLS, AND THEIR LARGELY […]

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Really, NPA?

Saturday Night Live, the popular US comedy/satire show, recently launched a new segment, called “Really?” In it, they repeat news stories that are so outrageous as to not need any embellishments, and ask “Really?” after each line. It’s very funny. Only, on hearing the announcement that Zuma is not going to be prosecuted, that’s all […]

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Do you tweet?

There’s a whole other world out there. A world where people log on to Twitter to tweet, and retweet and chat with other tweeples. But what is it all about? Is it just another time waster? A little sister to Facebook that’s easier to log onto and see what people’s status updates are? Or is […]

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An exciting week …

… for those who live in Cape Town and are interested in design of every shape and colour. Yip, it’s Design Indaba week — beginning with the conference on Wednesday (Thursday, Friday) and with the expo carrying on all weekend. You might remember I blogged about the expo last year, all I remember is being […]