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Who’s afraid of Big Fake News: How the expert lost her voice

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By Daniel den Hollander Information is all around us. Social media platforms keep us informed of the latest developments. You would assume that this continuous access to the latest knowledge would make us smarter and more informed. Unfortunately, it has also created an explosion of fake news, conspiracy theories, and misinformation, often based on prejudice. […]

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A brief history of the coronavirus pandemics

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It’s creeping up on me and my people with devastation in mind slowlyThis lockdown, shutdown, breakdown, keep your head down, that’s controlling meNow into the third month of socio-economic life’s very own disruptionWith curfew and military policing on the streets as the new civic constructionIt’s playing with me and rolling my mind up like a […]

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Hate and hatred

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Black people are angry. White people are angry. Indian people are angry. Coloured people are angry. Chinese people are angry. It would seem that South Africans of all races are angry. There is so much hate and hatred welling up inside each South African, that at a moment’s notice anyone could tweet a harshly worded […]