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2009: What did we learn?

2009 revealed some incredible things to the ordinary person. It was a startling year jam packed with scandal, drama and some serious historical events. A blog is just too short to list all of them, so excuse the number of links here. Hope you enjoy. We learnt that… Nothing is impossible. Nobody is predictable. Nobody […]

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Video sex

“You saying that you want me. So press record, I’ll let you film me”. Sounds enticing? Well what about “Do you like what you see? You want to video me”? Even better –“What? You want me naked. If you liking this position you can tape it on your video phone.” Beyonce is one of the […]

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The (sur)name change debate

Why do people get so worked up when women get married and the issue of surname change arises? Over the past few weeks several people that I know or know of through friends have decided to get married. In all cases the issue of whether the wife-to-be should take on the husband-to-be’s surname came up. […]

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Ditch the guilt

Christmas traps us. It holds us tightly between layers of expensive non-recyclable wrapping paper smothering our creativity, freedom and genuine feelings. The Christmas season seems to bring our lack of freedom sharply into focus. We are tied by cute ribbons and tassels to the consumerist lifestyle, buying up the shops and making sure that we […]

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Let’s talk about masturbation

Most people masturbate. And by people, I mean women too (for the chauvinists out there who haven’t caught onto our people-status yet). It is interesting then that this topic is treated as taboo by most media sources, life-skills counsellors and women. Sexuality is by necessity an intimate and personal thing, and discomfort around public speaking […]

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If soccer were war…

Imagine if instead of winning billions of rands of prize money when you won a soccer World Cup game, you won the country you played against. If, instead of using nuclear weapons, expensive artillery and valuable human lives to wage war, each state had to fight their territorial or ideological battles through soccer. If, after […]

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Karma and scissor muggings

My boyfriend and I were mugged on Monday, by two young men (probably only 19) wielding a pair of kitchen scissors as their weapon. The evening was a beautiful haze of soft light, and as we walked along the slow-moving river, we were marvelling at the beauty of nature and feeling completely at peace. It […]

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South Africa, the fatherless country

Have you noticed that South Africa is father-free? Every time you hear a devastating news story about children who have died in a car accident/shack fire/hit and run/scary child stabbing incident the news reader feels that it is imperative to note that “the child(ren)’s mother was not there at the time of the (insert horror […]

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Merciful justice

To build the society that we want to live in, which principle do we think is more important — mercy or justice? This was the topic of the latest of the discussion groups that I attended. At first most of us had our knee-jerk opinion — we had decided on our principles and decided which […]

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Finally impressed…

So it is a pleasure to say that I feel like our president is doing some really good work (or is at least saying he is going to). With the address to the National Council of Provinces on October 29 he has finally ended a nearly decade-long state denial of the HIV and Aids problem, […]