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What the Fritzl is going on?

The past two years have seen an abundance of scary child captivity cases come to light. These cases are really scary and difficult to understand. They bother me not only because they are so completely horrific, but also because I have no way of understanding the actions that these men and women have taken to […]

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The hotline to the presidency was launched yesterday. The toll-free number is manned by 43 officials (yes, that is about 1 person for a million South Africans) who will then be responsible for seeing that the complaints raised are addressed, or at least that the respondents are held up to date on how their issue […]

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Murdered by sex?

This morning, a popular radio DJ discussed a British HIV awareness campaign, which he felt was one of the hardest hitting campaigns he had ever seen. In the TV ad the television viewer gets a visual of a sex scene, where the camera is placed so that the viewer should feel that s/he is in […]