Jen Thorpe

The politics of personal space

On Friday a woman on the train repeatedly slapped a disabled man. She then spent twenty minutes of train ride justifying her actions very loudly to all of the other passengers and trying to recruit others to support her reaction. Need she have done this? The man in question is a frequent train beggar. He…

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Raped by ‘consent’

When you define rape as occuring when someone does not consent to sex, instead of when coercive circumstances are involved, you enter a minefield of confusion and definition that is extremely harmful to the rape survivor.

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A heterosexist ANCYL: One boyfriend, one girlfriend

Like the ANCYL says, multiple concurrent partners are certainly not “fashionable” these days. HIV has made them decidedly untrendy. One thing that apparently is fashionable, however, and is getting a lot of southern African support, is homophobia. And polygamy. Goodness, that one is really hitting the headlines these days. The YL believe that Zuma is…

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Is Metrorail benefiting from the strikes?

We all have a right to strike, but does it follow that others should pay more while we strike? If so then Cape Metrorail is within its bounds, but if not I’d like some answers. A notice appeared on the heavily protected windows of the wildly confusing and inarticulate Metrorail ticket sellers last Monday (3rd)….

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Take back the right to sexual pleasure

Do you remember your first time? For every person this may mean something different. Some smile fondly whilst others cringe at the extreme embarrassment surrounding their “first time”. Most people immediately think of sex, but really, this isn’t the only first significant time for most people — certainly not for most women. If you’ve read…

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Is God bad for you?

Are all religions like a cult? If you have a number of subscribers who believe that by following a particular way of life, and performing particular activities regularly they will be taken to some place better, and will be better people, is this madness? Should we have any faith in faith? My friends and I…

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It’s hard to be free

Democracy promised us many things and freedom was one of them. Bathed in the light of a brightly coloured rainbow, we were told that we were finally free. Somehow, some of us are still asking “Does that apply to me?” Freedom for many people means the ability to choose the path they want, get onto…

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Today’s conspiracy theory

It’s quite simple. Imagine if the plan was never to oust Mbeki in favour of Zuma, but in fact to put Malema in place as our president from the beginning?! Why not do it straight away then you ask? To put Malema against Mbeki would have seemed ludicrous. I mean, Mbeki is practically an “agent”….

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Who’s responsible for race relations in SA?

There seems to be a problem with the delivery of the South African nation. The rainbow nation is currently monochrome and issues remain cast in black and white, ignoring other factors like class, gender and sexuality. In fact the rainbow is highly separated, with very little grey area in between. The most prominent marker for…

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Rape — sex or power?

Rape happens every day in South Africa. It is estimated that each year about half a million rapes occur, but only 1 in 9 of these is reported. With roughly 24 million women in South Africa this presents women with a scary picture. It means that if you are a woman and you live to the…

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