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The diaspora

An invincible friend passed away yesterday and while I sit in Cape Town with the clouds crying with me I am battling to understand the fragility of life. Someone whose cup overflowed with love, energy and a fair dose of eloquent sarcasm has been stolen from us and those who left behind are reeling. We […]

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The amazing potential of the universe

The discovery of several new planets outside of our solar system is really exciting. Why? Well the incredible astronomers working tirelessly to expand our minds and our knowledge of space have discovered another star that has similar heat and light potential as the sun. This “sun2” is surrounded by planets in its own solar system, […]

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It’s time to make a choice

A really funky house music song that I listen to has the lyrics “Make a choice, make it now, raise your voice, raise it loud”. Being the activist that I am, this song really speaks to me, because I believe that many small voices joined together can present a challenge to big societal problems, and […]

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What would you do?

Yesterday a German artist released his exhibition of Nazi Gnomes in a square that was once used for pro-Hitler parades. The exhibition has 1250 gnomes moulded into a typical Nazi salute. This salute, and any other pro-Hitler rhetoric is illegal (for humans) in Germany. Some gnomes are golden and others are black. The artist claims […]

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Is the ANC the big bad wolf in Kennedy Road?

Recent reports have emerged about violent attacks in the Kennedy Road informal settlement in Durban. Members of the Abahlali baseMjondolo (or urban shack-dwellers movement) were pulled from their homes, violently attacked and some of them were murdered. It sounds like somebody huffed and puffed and tried to blow this movement down. Why? But more importantly, […]

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What women want

We are living in a material world, and though I wouldn’t call myself a material girl I’m not going to lie and pretend that I’d love to live a comfortable life in a home that has furniture, with access to some good wine every now and then. Reading through any women’s magazine you will begin […]

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The pot calling the kettle black!

President Zuma was interviewed on CNN yesterday and has been cited as criticising former president Mbeki’s standpoint on HIV and Aids. He said that Mbeki’s choices and actions were “not government policy”. The Times Online article argues that this was criticism of the previous regime, but to me it seems like simple defensiveness. So what […]

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Chuene is SA’s scapegoat

South Africans are using Leonard Chuene as their scapegoat in one of the most sordid abuses of power by many officials and ASA. He has admitted to a trail of lies that have landed him outside the favour of the ruling party, and have resulted in the mistreatment of an excellent athlete. He has undoubtedly […]