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Posts tagged as “Nelson Mandela”

Madiba’s tears

From promised land to pariah It was many years in the making In colony and forged capital And many lives for the taking Thirty years…

In Tambo they trust

This year we have heard from the great and the good about comrade OR Tambo, the late leader of the ANC – who led the ANC for many years, in exile. Some having served alongside Tambo, have sought to embellish their own credentials by passing themselves off as more authentic exemplars of Tamboism. Some having only known of Tambo from afar, have sought to elevate Tambo to godlike status among a pantheon of liberation struggle heroes-cum-gods. Thankfully I have been somewhat inured to the claims of both sides.

A letter to a mother who raised black girls

Dear Mama I don’t know if you’ve seen the news: young girls at Pretoria Girls High School have been in the news because their school…

Black anger management

Many ugly and unfair things were done to blacks under apartheid. The miracle that some people do not believe happened in 1994 is that black…