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Yet another empty promise

On Thursday, BBC News published an article titled “Bush marks two years from Katrina” where US President George Bush promises an audience at a New Orleans school flooded in 2005 that “better days are ahead”. Isn’t that the exact same message — now without the strong rhetoric produced by his republican spin machine — many […]

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Tackling racism and sexism

As I read an article about the alleged racist remarks made by Badih Chaaban, a controversial Cape Town city councillor, I thought to myself: I have heard worse in Mitchells Plain and Hanover Park. Chaaban had apparently called mayor Helen Zille a “f***ing b**ch”, Independent Democrats leader Patricia de Lille a “coloured k****r” and said […]

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Tarnishing Mandela’s name

One of the most disturbing aspects of how South Africans perceive Nelson Mandela and his role in bringing democracy to this country is the way he is crassly misinterpreted, leading to the serious blemishing of his legacy. It does not matter whether this is done deliberately, unwittingly or merely as a result of deep naivety. […]

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Counter-media: Alive in Baghdad

A group of American and Iraqi reporters has launched a blog, website and YouTube video channel called Alive in Baghdad that “formed to counter the sound-bite-driven, ‘live from’ news model”. The videos on YouTube, predictably, have inspired a lot of comments. The interesting aspect of this project, and many others like it, is its counter-media […]

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Blacks only

It can only happen in South Africa. Where else would you see a sign saying “No white students are allowed to enter”? It is almost a throwback to the apartheid days, but in reverse. I am, of course, referring to a story that appeared in the local newspapers this week about an accountancy Olympiad that […]

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Let’s not be narrow-minded about broadband

The government’s plan to create a state-controlled company, Infraco, to drive down telecommunication costs and improve broadband internet access has, predictably, come under fire from free marketers. What we need, writes Duncan McLeod in the Financial Mail, is less state interference in the telecommunications sector, not more (read McLeod’s column). This strikes me as a […]

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George Bush gets it

George W Bush made a few important comparisons in his speech just before the weekend. Reading his speech, I find it hard to understand why people who describe themselves as “liberal” (or, for that matter, “democrats”) are so implacably opposed to the Bush Doctrine.

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Reality sometimes trumps democracy

America is fast learning that idealism is not always capable of being translated into a working reality. Moreover, as in the case of Iraq, the medication is killing the patient and the doctor. Democracy when prescribed to the Palestinians brought about a resounding victory for Hamas in their elections. Radical Islamic parties also showed strongly […]