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Lost in translation

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While Americans have had their own English for many years now, South Africans are just starting to redefine the language. Herewith a brief summary of new definitions : “QUIET DIPLOMACY” shall mean the act of thanking former comrades in arms by standing aside or offering moral and/or material support, while they implode an entire region. […]

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Mrs Traps’s Yom Tov recipe

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Mrs Traps cooking carries a hechsher from the International Atomic Energy Agency: Our leftovers require disposal in accordance with the international regulations governing nuclear waste. The IAEA at present has an entire division working on antidotes for anyone who comes into contact with her “Duck Surprise”. “Surprise?” That duck dropped a turd when she shot […]

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Zimbabwe’s problems are exaggerated?

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Southern African leaders, meeting in Zambia, once again failed to deal with the crisis in Zimbabwe. Where strong words and decisive action were desperately needed, Robert Mugabe was treated to a heroes’ welcome, condemnation of everyone but himself and the incredible proposition that the problems being experienced in Zimbabwe were exaggerated. Moreover, the one glimmer […]

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The upside of an unfree press

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Like the charred oak of a toasted wine barrel, an acute struggle for liberty imparts rich vitality to an oppressed media. The all-enveloping mix of peace and violence, calm and trauma, relief and fear, elation and despair creates in reporters a sense of history, and of the role and responsibility they have in its unfolding.