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The future of the web

A few events have got me thinking about the direction of the Web over the next twenty years or so. The first was a conversation I had with Matthew Buckland about whether Facebook, or something like it, would become a type of operating system in the future, and the second was Google’s announcement of OpenSocial […]

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The racism is in the reading

The “firing” of David Bullard has kept my mind busy all weekend because I have an uncomfortable sense that something is very wrong with the situation and its various interpretations. Aside from these concerns, something that concerns me even more is that I don’t feel safe writing this post because I suspect the same mindset […]

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The Facebook business scorecard: F-

The mainstream media have been reporting lately that Facebook, the popular social networking application that lets you swap digital “secreta” with your long-lost friends, is being banned by more and more businesses in South Africa. The banks are some of the first — Standard Bank, Absa and a few others have added the site to […]