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I beat up a cripple

Before you judge me let me explain myself. I’ve always believed in treating all equally. Even the people society has taught us not to treat equally. We have been told to treat certain people more gently than others, with kid gloves. Unfortunately this may be the primary reason I will never be nominated for, never […]

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Don’t blame Canada

When Brandon Huntley is finally deported we should give him a Caster Semenya-size welcome at the airport. Hopefully with as many blacks as there were when Caster got her hero’s welcome. But I want a T-shirt that reads “Mug you later whitey” just for laughs. He must not be given the satisfaction of getting the […]

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Neighbours who have loud sex

I’m not a hater of people who enjoy their hanky-panky. But please keep the loud sound effects contained to the privacy of your bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom or the top of your fridge, wherever the hell you like to have it. I suspect someone’s saying to themselves right now “much anger in you I sense […]

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I’m a born-again South African

I have finally decided to break my self-imposed silence on our recent elections. The first thing I would like to do is congratulate our new president, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. Whatever one thinks of the man, you have to admire how he managed to clear every single obstacle in his way. I know that many people […]

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My traumatic voting experience

I walk into the voting station and a surge of emotion overcomes me, maybe it’s adrenaline or my mind is beginning to realise what I’m about to do, I don’t know, I’m not a shrink. I first tell the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) official who had my identity document (ID) to handle it with care […]