When Brandon Huntley is finally deported we should give him a Caster Semenya-size welcome at the airport. Hopefully with as many blacks as there were when Caster got her hero’s welcome. But I want a T-shirt that reads “Mug you later whitey” just for laughs. He must not be given the satisfaction of getting the hostile reception he expects and hopes.

Let’s face it, he hopes we are hostile to him when he gets back so that he can justify his actions. If we don’t succumb to emotionalism this will annoy him more than anything else in the world. It was Oscar Wilde who said “always forgive your enemies: nothing annoys them so much”. Not that he is an enemy. He is not worthy of being one. We should welcome him as the prodigal son. But then again, is he? When he arrives, will he make a repentant return? Somehow I doubt it.

I must admit, I never saw this one coming: A white guy uses the race card, and surprise, surprise, it works! Clearly Huntley had run out of ideas because he had been staying in Canada illegally for some time after his work permit expired. He stumbled upon a genius idea: apply for refugee status on racial grounds. And it worked. He reminds me of a murderer, who, after having killed his wife realises that he has no defence and the only defence that is available to him is to plead insanity and somehow, his plea wins.

A part of me believes that Huntley may just be an ass, not racist. Just your average, opportunistic general run-of-the-mill ass. He’s tried everything to stay in Canada, get a job, get married, the final trump card — seeking a refugee status. That speaks opportunism to me. But …

… then again I wonder if he really is racist. Why else would his case for refugee status hinge solely on race if he were not? This begs the question: what about the immigration tribunal that heard his case? If this tribunal (the word tribunal sounds so fascist) had any decent legal training I doubt they would have arrived at this decision. What bothers me about this is that fact it was a board. One can understand one person coming to such a conclusion, how did they all agree with him?

A lot of people seem to have missed the point. It was not the Canadian government that gave the famed and now much vilified Huntley refugee status. It was not a law passed by the Canadian parliament or their constitutional court. A tribunal that is given the authority to make these decisions on a case-by-case basis. Many of us are already doing our best to vilify and insult Canada. They did not do this. Just a group of ignorant citizens given too much power.

The people who made this finding have sealed the records of the hearing. The Canadian government is obviously embarrassed by this turn of events, which would explain why their lawyers are studying the controversial and short-sighted decision by the immigration board.

There is no doubt that there is a small section of white people who believe that crime affects white people a lot more than it does blacks. Mr Huntley probably falls under this category. It is also possible that he really wanted to stay in Canada, didn’t care what form of defence he used to stay and if it had to be race based, well he would use it. Maybe he is just an unscrupulous bastard. The kind of guy you’d want to vote off Survivor as quickly as possible.

One of the reason’s the decision was so outrageous is the fact that a lot more black people per one hundred are affected by crime than white. Of course this is not to make the crime problem OK, the government needs to work harder. White people are still much more likely to be employed than blacks. The rate of white unemployment is less than that in major Western powers. The rate of white unemployment is only 5%, so Mr Huntley can’t use that as an excuse for not getting a job. Would this tribunal now offer all blacks that live in Khayelitsha refugee status because of crime? As Mr Huntley stated, “he’s been attacked by blacks”. Well, so have the people in Khayelitsha! What about all the Colombians who are not protected by their government from cocaine lords? Will they too be afforded refugee status? Did they even think about the precedent a decision like the one they made would create? Obviously not. Maybe it was too cold for them to think that far.

According to news reports, Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney told the South African High Commissioner in Ottawa, Abraham Nkomo, that his government did not “necessarily” support the decision.

It looks like good ‘ol Brandon may have to contend with blacks sooner than he hoped. If he really is racist I hope what Chris Rock spoke of happens to him: “If you hate gay people your son will be gay. If you hate blacks, your daughter will marry a black man.”

There is no doubt that there are some who will see him as a hero. Hopefully Orania will welcome him with open arms. He has a bright future over there, I doubt any other country besides the one he turned his back on will ever welcome him.


Khaya Dlanga

Khaya Dlanga

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