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Mpshe, NPA show some balls!

Mr Mpshe needs to be reminded of a little fact about South Africans this week — we are not a people born of cowards, nor men who place personal ambitions above what needs to be done for the people. We are born of men who stood up when it was more comfortable and beneficial to […]

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We do nothing at our own peril

I don’t like sounding like an alarmist. What I like even less is announcing how much I don’t like being an alarmist because we both know that a “but” will be making an appearance soon. I won’t disappoint. But (yes, there it is) I think that if we carry on as if things are just […]

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Hypocrisy at its best

A friend (cyber friend might be more appropriate) made an interesting comment on Facebook about Tokyo Sexwale recently. Sexwale once accused Cope of using old people to get votes. “I thought Tokyo said they don’t use old people to win votes!” said my friend. A few days ago the ANC marched and paraded Nelson Mandela […]

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Why I’m endorsing Cope

As an official blogger and egomaniac I thought that it was incumbent upon me to make my position clear given the current state of our nation. The desire to write this endorsement is also driven by the false notion that people might take what I have to say seriously. As the title suggests, I fully […]