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Posts published by “Khaya Dlanga”

Khaya Dlanga* By day he perpetuates the evils of capitalism by making consumers feel insecure (he makes ads). For this he has been rewarded with numerous Loerie awards, Cannes Gold, several Eagle awards and a Black Eagle.

Khaya has an ego-crushing bank balance but an ego-boosting 6.5 million views on the popular video-sharing website YouTube.

Africa's top Digital Citizen Journalist in 2008 for innovative use of the internet, at the Highway Africa conference, the largest gathering of African journalists in the world.

Jeremy Maggs' "The Annual - Advertising, Media & Marketing 2008" listed him as one of the 100 most influential people in Advertising, Media & Marketing.

Winner of Financial Mail's Adfocus New Broom award 2009. He has listed these accolades to make you think more highly of him than you ought to.

* The views expressed in this or any future post are not necessarily his own (unless of course you agree with them).
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Pimp my ride

I had a most interesting encounter on my last evening in Atlanta (USA) with a cab driver after a night out with some friends. As…

The most romantic stories in the Bible

The first story is about Jacob. Now Jacob, son of Isaac wanted to get married. So he went to his uncle’s crib, who had two…

Ukutawuna finally explained

I promised to write a blog explaining the term, “ukutawuna” or “tawuning”. Well, I have finally come (excuse the pun which you will get later)…

Winnie is mistaken about Mandela

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela speaks as if it was not the ANC collective that made the decisions that caused her to complain about Nelson Mandela, her ex-husband.…