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Pimp my ride

I had a most interesting encounter on my last evening in Atlanta (USA) with a cab driver after a night out with some friends. As it turns out, cab drivers in Atlanta are pimps too. I get in the back of the cab and I see a chilled bottle of sparkling wine resting in the […]

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Ukutawuna finally explained

I promised to write a blog explaining the term, “ukutawuna” or “tawuning”. Well, I have finally come (excuse the pun which you will get later) around to fulfilling that promise even though it is far later than I originally intended. Many people wonder what ukutawuna means, especially those who keep seeing it being used on […]

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Winnie is mistaken about Mandela

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela speaks as if it was not the ANC collective that made the decisions that caused her to complain about Nelson Mandela, her ex-husband. She places all the blame squarely on his shoulders. She acts as if she was not part of the NEC that agreed to the principles that would lead to the […]

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91% of CEOs are white. Shocking.

Black people constitute 87% of the economically active population, yet just 9% of CEOs are people of colour. Sixteen years ago the country was liberated through a protracted negotiations process that began way before political prisoners were released in 1989. The people of South Africa gained political freedom, both black and white. Unfortunately economic liberty […]