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Am I irrelevant?

Have I allowed myself to become outdated, irrelevant, inconsequential and stuck in a dark corner of the early 2000s? Has technology passed me by and been handed on to a younger generation of smart, happening geeks? My friend Vincent called me up some months back and told me, in effect, that I have. “You’re wasting […]

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Web 2.008

Here’s what I think 2008 holds. Because I’m an ignorant bastard who avoids newspapers and television and gets all my news from opinionated friends, my list can hardly be called well researched. Still, here it is. 1. Hillary Listen, whatever you may think of Hillary Clinton (South Africans, by and large, don’t seem to care […]

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Can we live with virtual child porn?

Would you like to see, or should others be allowed to watch, full-colour, full-motion video of children having sex with each other, with adults or with animals? Until recently, this would have been an easy question to answer. But in an age where we can produce near-perfect digital versions of real-life events, without the slightest […]

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Has 702 made us more stupid?

Talk Radio 702 has managed, despite various plummets in listenership over the years, to remain Gauteng’s premier talk radio station. But isn’t it merely peddling the stupid and pedestrian views of the idle middle class back to itself, as a way to generate ad revenue? I have listened to 702 on and off for the […]

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How to roll out flawless software

A somewhat radical new way of thinking about software projects and how to manage customers through them. Introduction I have been doing software-development work for my entire career. That, to my horror, is somewhere close to 12 years now, which is starting to seem like a downright respectable length of time. In this time, I […]

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Real men don’t watch sport

My God, is it just me or is this crushing, pervasive near-religious rugby fervour downright depressing? I know, it’s just me. I don’t get sport. I mean, I get why people play it. Out there on the field in the sun. Breathe in some fresh air, kick a ball around, whack one with a racquet […]