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Why corruption is good for SA

In a world of stupid politicians, sometimes the most you can hope for is the opportunity to pay someone to do the right thing. Barely a day goes by in South Africa without someone accusing someone else of being corrupt. Newspapers are filled with scandal after scandal involving “millions” or “billions” of misappropriated funds; we […]

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The evil of meat

In a world buckling under economic recession, in a country of violence and crime and poverty, how can anyone find the time to care about the treatment of animals? The simple answer is: we have no choice. The very fabric of our humanity is being torn apart by the brutality and horrors being perpetrated, and […]

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SA fixed in three easy steps

South Africans are the worst kind of bipolar sufferers: put some bleeding guy with an oblong-shaped ball on a patch of grass and the entire country clings to one another like chewing gum to an economy-class table. But raise the topics of crime or politics and we’re ready to go to war with one another […]

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The chemotherapy of emigration

Losing South Africans to alleged international paradises of peace and tranquility is tantamount to the painful, but unavoidable, removal of a cancer from the human body. We are left weakened, saddened and worse-off, but with a remaining chance to live a full and happy life. The current available emigration statistics are reportedly unreliable and sound […]

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How bad, bad, bad the SA web can be

This past weekend I decided to buy a new couch for my home. Wearied of endless trips to Fourways, battling through the traffic, wasting petrol, dodging Metro Police roadblocks, I decided to check out online catalogues for the stores before traipsing off there. Genius. First port of call: Google. Search “couches johannesburg”, “furniture johannesburg”, “couches”, […]

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The pitter-patter of the ex-pats

Somebody told me a while ago that there are now a million South Africans living in Australia, and a similar number in the UK. I guess between Canada, the US and elsewhere, there must be at least half that same number again out there looking for a better life. Or having found it already. I […]