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The truth about Nkandla

Factually, all state presidents are being blackmailed. They are being threatened and extorted by their own people, their own party bosses, their own funders, their own supporters and their own handlers. Regardless of which country, regardless of which regime; all state presidents are being blackmailed. In comparison, prime ministers are merely besieged by those around […]

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The psychology of the failed state

Some years ago I ordered the destruction of every dysfunctional government, state, country and authority. I also ordered the destruction of every dysfunctional sovereign and sovereignty. You have experienced this as the Eurozone, the long War Against Terror, the supremacy of English Imperialism, the clientisation of CIA Frontshops, the simplification of Global Dialogue and the […]

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The narcissism in heraldry

Notwithstanding my demand that collusion and impervious co-operation not decide the fate and future of my peoples, I have on occasion taken the liberty of unilateralism. Unbeknown to many and unfettered by the constraints of corruption, I have been able to shape reality as it is experienced by each and every person, regardless of whether […]

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National Student Bank

To my fellow students I am given once again to reflect on the pathetic leadership provided to the students of South Africa by the ANC government, and in this case by the SACP’s former Minister Blade Nzimande, and the ANC’s Youth Militia of COSAS, SASCO, ANCYL, YCL and PYA. I recall that they all promised […]

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Mugabe the Tory?

A cursory squizz through YouTube will tell you a lot about Mugabe, a man who is recorded all over the internet as having something to do with Zimbabwe. He is variously referred to as one of the liberators of Africa — having served the liberation movements of Africa since his youth and as the tyrant […]

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Dear Jules …

His Excellency, the President Messier JS Malema, Esq. c/o ANC Youth League Luthuli House, Sauer Street Johannesburg, South Africa Dear Jules As you know I attempted, of my own volition, to save your political career at the end of August 2009, with the publication of a electronic booklet, called the Prosperity of Our Potential. Written […]

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Storming the castle

I will not say how and when I came to understand the logic of amber-economics and neither will I divulge the name of the individual who so graciously introduced me to the illicitness of underage lager drinking, but I will say that beer makes the world go round. And that if you’re unlucky enough to […]

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No tolerance for mediocrity

One wonders when we as a country will actually have a honest and candid conversation with ourselves about the things we do and say. Indeed one only needs to look at the apologists and the denialists who hold public office to see that some of our countrymen believe that the people want their leaders to […]