Factually, all state presidents are being blackmailed. They are being threatened and extorted by their own people, their own party bosses, their own funders, their own supporters and their own handlers. Regardless of which country, regardless of which regime; all state presidents are being blackmailed. In comparison, prime ministers are merely besieged by those around them and those within their own entourage; some vying for their job; some seeking favour. From global security to local development; the pressures of leadership are not just limited to decision making and balancing the vote, so as not to exclude potential supporters.

In the case of the developing world; it would seem that my businesses, my work and my people have been zealous and indeed in some cases over zealous in ensuring and effecting absolute and complete control over the state, the government, the economy, the polity (both public and private) and the theology – or systems of belief. So much so that from the moment that I decide to play the part and the role of the leader and the officer; to the time that I am elected, both privately and publicly, to hold the “offices” of power; and to wield the “sceptres” of authority; the number of “fake” versions of my lives and my “suits” that are created for the purpose of entrapping those that would be stupid and idiotic enough to blackmail me, the leader, into granting favour where it is not due, into affording privilege where it is not earned, and into allocating resources where it is not deserved; would astound even the most “bankrupt” of all Fortune 500 CEO’s, Forbes’ oligarchs, Jerusalem letter writers and Singaporean tourists.

Drawing the village idiots into the process of believing that they are from my own, that they are from my people, that they are connected and that they are welcome; is easy enough. Entrusting them with “responsibility” and secrecy to enable them to chatter clandestinely at tea parties, is a sine qua non for the achievement of the object that prevents them, inhibits them and precludes them from ever holding authority over me and/or mine.

Imagine for a moment that a moron were to walk into your office of state and to attempt to influence your absolute power; that moron is at once the perfect “fall guy” and the perfect “dupe”. Facilitating the process of making the moron do what you want, while the moron commits the treason required to “blackmail the president”; and ensuring that the moron and its supporters are well and truly in belief that they hold and have substantial influence; without you having to commit any crimes; is less difficult than it seems.

It is without doubt that from Tinpot Kingdom to Metropolis, from Athenian capitals to cities that never sleep and do not know that they host the government of their countries; it is unconscionable that any other than I would hold any power. And yet we see the obvious machinations of frame-ups and rackets that create the impression that the leadership is weak, that it is compromised and that it is answerable to traders and bureaucrats. So, how is this possible?

Well, let’s start at the beginning: In creating the fake leverage, in creating the audience for the morons and in creating the opportunities for the tea parties; what we have done is to force those that do not have power; but have little or no self respect, to be ambitious enough to pitch themselves at the levels of kings and autocrats. Far out of their depths, these idiots and their moronic leaderships, quibble between what they want and how much they want. Factually they get nothing; other than the eventuality of a lengthy prison sentence and the “thanks” of the republic for having been stupid enough to attempt to “blackmail the president”.

It is not so much that I enjoy taking every cent, every millisecond, every millimetre and ever millilitre from each of these treasonous blackmailers and their supporters; but rather that as they are stupid to pass off fake versions of my lives and their own versions of my agreements; it is without any doubt like turning them upside down and shaking them out without their complaint or protestation. It is after all an honour for these morons to be “taken for all that they have” by the president.

In the developing world, because these states are disadvantaged in the reality of the nuclear war, in the reality of the competition for sovereignty and in the reality of threadbare constitutionalism; we have a stringent policy of our intelligence services collecting everything. We also frown upon the morons and their supporters keeping anything. These “slush funds” for “black bag jobs” are the tools that we use to prevent war, where it is not required, to prevent coup d’ tat, where it is not planned, and to prevent civil insurrection, where it is not scripted.

Therefore it is undoubtedly the stupidest thing for anyone whether from within or without the polity to attempt to ingratiate themselves with the centre of power, to peddle influence about the centre of power and/or to attempt the treason of “blackmailing the president”. No doubt it serves the purposes of housewives, debutantes, dilettantes and wannabes for the status of “being associated with the president” to be almost a drawcard to social events of natures and purposes unrelated to the president.

But most of all it is clear as I write this, that we cannot discount the effectiveness of how it is that greed and stupidity mix so well with pathetic sycophancy to engender throughout the world a corps d’ sprit so willing to live without self respect, that to be president, to be prime minister, to be king; is nothing short of the best job ever. It is easy, it is straight-forward and it is not without its obvious entertainments.

But it is also fraught with the reality of sickness, the reality of personation, the reality of dishonesty, the pervasiveness of inefficiency and the mediocrity; all so endemic to the state and condition, both mental and sociological, of “owners” that do not own. And so we now arrive somewhat directly to matters of Nkandla; of my home, my R5 or R50 or R500 or R5000 or R50000 or R500000 or R5000000 or R50000000 or R500000000 or R5000000000 or R50000000000 or R500000000000 or R5000000000000 arms deal corruption scandal; and the allegation that the public paid for things for my own private gain.

Yes my beloved South Africa, in KwaZulu-Natal, in Nkandla; I have apparently “built a home”. A home that I the President have never visited, never been to; a home of people who sorta look like mine; a home that I have seen built whilst I lived here in Nkandla, but not whilst living there. You see I live in Nkandla, but that home, is “the place where the President lives”. Now I have others, granted none more famous than this; but it is without merit to say that the state paid for it; well, for me, at any rate.


And now we come to the conclusion that when I say intelligence services, I don’t expect them to trouble me with the details.

Alas however it would seem that we would make a conversation of a theme. You see that when dealing with people who “know” about landscape, landscapes, landscaping, landscapings, aesthetic and aesthetics; they are inclined to mention the home in Nkandla looks like a timeshare holiday resort; that, once you enter, is apparently a gaming resort.

I wrote quite recently that

Judging from the way that JZ and the ANC are being shaken down through “Nkandla”, it would seem as though this lot weren’t able to make the ANC pay them for the votes cast in the 2014 elections. It would also seem as though the nature of various contractors and sub-contractors in the “arms deal” saga is being revealed finally, thankfully. Best of all following my instruction of 18 April 2011, it is very evident that those who previously “owned” South Africa and were the “Gods” that we the people were obligated to pay for; have been completely, utterly and thoroughly defeated. Good riddance!

And it would seem so.

So much so in fact that while the world disregards the “scandal of Nkandla” and while the world awaits “the truth of the Arms Deal”; it is indeed most pertinent that the world pay attention to this reality and ask why, why would there be this proof, this reality if it were not for the obviousness of the moron and the moron’s machinations. And there will be those among the moron who would claim that they were the puppeteers and neither the perpetrators nor the criminals, and if so, would the morons not simply be admitting to the ridiculousness of the crime?

And there we have the condition of which I wrote earlier, the game as it is played on the client; and the game as it is played on the supporters of the client; where the client is the moron and the moron’s supporters have among them champions and “puppeteers”. Now at this point it is obvious that the champions and “puppeteers” are naught more than fraudsters, identity thieves and all; so constrained by the police and the state that they dare not tell lies.

And so their confession to blackmail and name thieving comes forth, into the custody of the police, known to the people, directly in evidence to the treason charged in court. The people can see and those around the president know, that when they accuse and blackmail and slander the president, they have themselves implicated. For there is no hiding lies from the intelligence services. And this is why so stringent a rule is the collection from the clients.

It is without fear and without duress that I can as president, prime minister and king, declare all honesty and propriety and say that “it wasn’t me”; and surely it wasn’t, it wasn’t any in my inner circle. But perhaps when I court the press, pander to the audience and revive the crowds with my best; perhaps those that have fallen unable to recover from their theft; would like to see the promises made, the obligations agreed and the mandates entrusted; fail, and so too the unco-operative state wither and to ruin, for regime change, and perhaps an easier dispensation for the moron and its supporters.

Unfortunately for the hapless victims of “those who would the coat-tails ride”, there is no easier dispensation; no easier status quo; and while they flail and while they deny; it is evident that without any effort, their entire network and scheme will be imprisoned and tried. So it is that here in Nkandla where those who have weakened our Africa by re-routing “our Arms Deal” and shaving commissions, have left an indelible edifice to their moronism and apologies.

It is not my home, it is not the home of Jacob Zuma, it is not the home of the Zuma family; it is as I have said, “the place where the President lives”. And so The Hon Public Protector and The Hon Public Prosecutor must ask whether it is better to pretend that some part of that which is wrong is acceptable; or whether it is better to allow justice to consider the guilt of those who actually committed the crimes.

Far be it for me to abandon my post, far be it for me to donate this property to the state; both of these actions would be wrong as they would infer a legitimacy for and of those of the moron and its supporters and of their machinations. It was through them and their behaviour, that we were impeded in fighting HIV, it was through them and their behaviour that we were impeded and delayed in infrastructure development; and it was through them and their behaviour that we seem to have inherited the bankrupt and desperate patheticness so endemic to the Apartheid regime.

Perhaps the TVBC states, the self governing territories and homelands; that were the centres for the Black Apartheid projects; perhaps their existence in states; where we can trace Singaporean tourists, from the 1970’s and 1980’s into the 1990’s and the 2000’s who then became the leaders and owners of the world; has been the problem all along? Perhaps the beggary and chicanery on the sidelines of development and grantmaking, that led to so many being short changed, perhaps that corruption has kept this enemy of Africa, this enemy of Negro, this enemy of Bantu alive.

It was indeed a moron, delivered from the hatred of Apartheid, that did indeed lead the process of undermining our sovereignty; of selling us and our lands to their creditors overseas; but we have undone that, they were not able to succeed. It was its supporters and attendant hangers-on that insisted and refused to accept reality. It was our negotiated revolution that made concessions to hate; but that honeymoon is over; and for 20 years the forces of Apartheid have had their opportunity to dig and tend their own graves.

From dishonest claims of representation to unnecessary cost centres; was the hyper-inflation worth while? From our perspective we were just interested in defeating hatred, we weren’t interested in the cost or the time. But it is done now, the last few segments of their moronism have folded, throughout the world their logic has waned, failed, spluttered and cried. Apartheid is dead; Apartheid is no more; and all because a moron walked into my office and attempted to “blackmail the President” with malice on his mind.

Therefore in respect of my claim, let it be seen for what it is; we have defeated an enemy that would have wrought civil war throughout Africa; that would have divided Africa between north and south and between east and west. We have now the means to distinguish between Apartheid era hate-crimes and New South Africa criminality. Let us be purposeful, let us be decisive, let us take this victory and use it to remove the sickness and the sadness from our lands, our peoples and the very air that we breathe; let us make good my pledge, that South Africa is sovereign and protected by our constitutional democracy.


Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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