His Excellency, the President
Messier JS Malema, Esq.
c/o ANC Youth League
Luthuli House, Sauer Street
Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Jules

As you know I attempted, of my own volition, to save your political career at the end of August 2009, with the publication of a electronic booklet, called the Prosperity of Our Potential. Written in just four days, and released on or around the 20th September 2009, this e-book has been widely disseminated.

Without digressing from the thrust of my missive, it is important to note that the e-book, which is now called, Catalysing Opportunity Prosperity & Equality or COPE; makes the case for the various contentious positions of the ANC, and quells the attacks from the media and the opposition on the ANC, Zuma and Malema. In addition, the e-book has been crafted so as to serve as a life-skills reader from JZ to the youth of South Africa, so as to ensure that the e-book has educational value, in and by itself.

I recall that at some point after I had written this e-booklet, that the State President, His Excellency, JG Zuma, made certain comments in the media and in public, whereby he was able to protect you and to affirm your position as a young leader of the ANC, and a person in whom he saw the potential for future leadership of the ANC.

I also recall that immediately thereafter, the media began lambasting you again, on the basis that you seen to be overly protected and that you were making further statements which were misconstrued as being controversial. From then to now, not much has changed, and I have noted the steady decline of your standing in both the media and the ANC.

However, when recent revelations of your alleged role in the Limpopo regime change saga, and of your alleged role in state procurement surfaced, I could not believe it. In fact, having defended both you and the ANCYL in the midst of the Lembede scandal some three years ago, I find myself no longer certain that the ANCYL is being properly and effectively managed.

Indeed, this very week we have the SASCOvians on the streets demanding Free Higher Education, and while I am the first to point out that Free Higher Education was promised by the ANC, ANCYL, YCL and Sasco during the ANC’s campaign for the 2009 elections, it is also important for me to note that it was an ANC minister who declined to implement the election promise as made to the youth of South Africa.

Therefore, while the future leaders of the ANC chase their collective tails, trying to convince the ANC to implement its own policies, you will forgive me for making the observation — that there are moves afoot to overthrow the Malema regime — and that this is proved by three things, being:

  • Your multiple appearances on television recently to answer questions relating to the allegations against you, the fact that they are not protecting you from this should terrify you completely.
  • Your deployment of an attorney to remedy the situation thereafter
  • This article as it appeared in today’s newspaper.

In respect of this all I can suggest is that you choose one issue to campaign upon, such that, that issue (EDUCATION) must become the sole campaigning platform for Julius Malema, and should you need any help with this, please feel free to contact durbanfretus.com for more information.

Alternatively, Jules, you can continue upon your determined trajectory, and come next year’s elective conference, your political career will have you moving sideways, in terms of real power, rather than forward in policy and upward in power; as intended.

Kind regards and best wishes

Cde Avish



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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