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Zille: Donatella Quixote

By making a decision to introduce legislation, which will ban officials from doing business with the state, the DA proves that collectively they have no clue about eradicating corruption. Indeed, while yes, there are loopholes which allow for the state to be pillaged by people who have been entrusted with running the state, and yes, […]

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Abraham’s sacrifice

And thus it began … God commanded Abraham, “Take your son, your favoured one, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering” (Genesis 22:2). Abraham obeyed. He packed wood for the offering and a firestone and headed off with Isaac to the appointed place. […]

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Between state and God

The object of every anti-disestablishmentarian is to ensure that the state and the church remain enjoined and act as one. On the one side we have the all-seeing power of God, which gives credence to the other side where we have the all knowing power of the monarchy whose monopoly over the threat of violence […]

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Vote for free education

To my fellow students I am given once again to reflect on the pathetic leadership provided to the students of South Africa by the ANC government, and in this case by the SACP’s Minister Blade Nzimande, and the ANC’s Youth Militia of Cosas, Sasco, ANCYL, YCL and PYA. I recall that they all promised us […]

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The Poop

The Prosperity of our Potential, or Poop — as I have named it — marks the beginning of my foray into the world of humour and satire. I hope that people will be less offended than I expect them to be and I invite all of you to read it and comment here. I have […]

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The forbidden trek

In blatant defiance of Siener van Rensburg, I have made the trek from the balmy sunshine of Durban to the nippy chill of Johannesburg and don’t I wonder why. Having discovered that my comrades in the taxi industry are about to get shafted by the Rea Vaya (Rapid Bus thingamajig), and that it takes 1 […]