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The traitorous Clive Derby-Lewis: Killing him softly

Personally, I was all in favour of Clive Derby-Lewis, conspirator in the 1993 killing of SA Communist Party leader Chris Hani, being hanged. Nor would his also being drawn and quartered, the medieval punishment for traitorous assassins, been lamented. Unfortunately our Constitution is a model of jurisprudential enlightenment and eschews such state-enacted barbarism. So the […]

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Don’t compare Shaik and Selebi

It is unfair to compare the position of Schabir Shaik with that of former police commissioner Jackie Selebi. The latter is unlikely to be applying for his release under medical parole. Shaik was released in terms of section 79 of the Correctional Services Act 1998 (the Act) which provides: “Any person serving any sentence in […]