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Magical thinking is behind the gloom over SA’s Constitution

Despite the evidence to the contrary – 20 years of successfully protected freedoms – it has becoming increasingly fashionable to badmouth the South African Constitution. Sceptics range across the political spectrum, from radicals, who want the state to be unconstrained, to liberals who claim that the Constitution has effectively already been negated by the state. […]

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Expose the lesbians

By Gcobani Qambela In the past years we have been reading with horror reports of not only extreme homophobia but also often the violent attacks that are levelled against homosexuals in Africa. From reading about men being named and shamed in public newspapers in Uganda, to the horrific “corrective rapes” of lesbians in our very […]

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Women as war zones

Very often when we think of war, we think machine guns and soldiers. We think demolished homes and buildings, even imagining the prisoners and survivors it leaves. That is what the media shows as war – the haunted looks in people’s eyes, clearly showing their fear and tortured souls. But war is much more than […]