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Ines Schumacher

Posts published by “Ines Schumacher”

Ines is a twenty-something living in Johannesburg, where the weather is always awesome and the traffic is always not so awesome. She tells stories about food, travels, pretty things, politics, the crazy world we live in and general games and geekery. She doesn't take things seriously, except serious things. Visit her blog at

Another feminist review of GTA V

My grubby little paws got their hands on Grand Theft Auto V yesterday and I cannot wait until Friday when I can start playing the…

FHM to blame for corrective rape ‘joke’

Here are some simple rules, people of the world who have jobs. If you work for a food manufacturer, don’t post something about food hygiene.…

I am a feminist

There, I said it. In public. My friends – one in particular – have been trying to get me to recognise it for a while.…