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South Africa’s rape crisis

By Sadé Savings, One Young World Ambassador from South Africa. One of the greatest challenges facing South African women today is the increasingly prevalent and horrifically brutal acts of sexual violence being perpetuated against women and small children. Statistics SA reveals that South Africa has one of the highest rates of rape in the world, […]

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You can represent Mandela in his absence

By Amukelani Mayimele This is one of those days where society is watching everything we say about Nelson Mandela. We are almost challenged to sound politically correct in our writing and in our sharing of memories of Madiba. Many have succumbed to the pressure and society’s dictatorship on how we should react and think about […]

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How not to write about African women and sex

By Gcobani Qambela This weekend I read a New York Times (NYT) article that is guilty of all traditional, white, western feminist mishaps when it comes to writing about African women and their sexuality. The article titled “Talking About Sex in Mali” is bereft of any holistic overview of the lives African women and is […]

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Preparing a generation to manage Liberia’s oil sector

By Urias Goll Liberia’s quest to explore for hydrocarbon (petroleum) offshore its territorial waters dates back to the late sixties. Some believe the government’s decision for exploration activities was made in 1940s. Creating a long-term approach for capacity development has been on the fringe of decision-making. As usual, the government and decision-makers wanted to prove […]

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Kids have dreams…

By Simamkele Dlakavu We all know apartheid history too well but unfortunately it persists in the present. As Zwelinzima Vavi said: “Apartheid will not end and black people will not have real freedom until free and high quality education becomes a reality.” I am a product of township education like most black youth in SA. […]

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Loving on Mugabe’s lap

By Gcobani Qambela May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (Idaho), presents an opportunity for us young people, the so-called “future leaders” of the continent, to reflect deeply about what we are going to do differently to our many ageing African homophobic and misogynistic leaders when it comes to our treatment of non-heterosexual […]

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Is the Sadtu strike a hail to freedom?

Khethelo Xulu As we celebrate Freedom Day in South Africa and wish to see more positive things in our country, I, as a young person, am saddened by the state of basic education, particularly in rural and townships schools. As we celebrate, we talk about sacrifices made by different people on different levels, heroines and […]

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Expose the lesbians

By Gcobani Qambela In the past years we have been reading with horror reports of not only extreme homophobia but also often the violent attacks that are levelled against homosexuals in Africa. From reading about men being named and shamed in public newspapers in Uganda, to the horrific “corrective rapes” of lesbians in our very […]