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When the defaced Spear is better than the original

So ja, I’ve given in. I’ve decided to talk about that painting. The one that’s transfixed the nation for more than a week now – even on Twitter, a platform known for nothing so much as institutionalised ADD. It is the PR gift that keeps on giving: apparently it’s reached 108 million people and delivered […]

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Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens and Madeleine — the joke’s on us!

Two “talents” of, at best, limited duration and the tragedy of a child’s disappearance dominating the media’s attention must tell you something. Indonesia is suffering the after-effects of massive quakes, George Bush has outlined his plan for limited troop reduction, the Japanese PM has just resigned and been hospitalised, Putin has just installed a shock […]

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Before blaming the West, let’s shake off our African passivity

So are African lives less important to the international community than Western lives? Following the worldwide attention given to the Paris killings by Islamic militants, it’s a question being widely asked and generally answered in the affirmative. The refrain is that while fewer than two dozen French were killed, during that same week the Islamic […]

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10 signs that SA democracy is toast

In case you’ve missed it in the midst of media frenzies about puppets in court, murder trials dismissed, or beauty competitions won, South Africa’s democracy is in trouble. Here are 10 reasons why our constitutionally enshrined democratic rights are under threat: 1. Threats of establishing a media appeals tribunal Not so long ago, the ruling […]