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Money, money, money

Contrary to popular belief, there is money to be made on the internet. The Mail & Guardian Online has become a profitable part of the M&G empire with advertising revenues increasing by 60% in the past year. M&G Online publisher Matt Buckland told the Digital Citizen Indaba in Grahamstown on Sunday that advertising has not […]

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Cyber-activism and its legal implications on the blogosphere

By Arthur Chatora Professor Guy Berger, the head of the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, presented a lecture entitled Cyber-activism and Legal Lessons at the Digital Citizen Indaba in Grahamstown on Sunday. The lecture interrogated the legal discrepancies within the blogosphere and focused on issues of censorship, credibility and regulation. The […]

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Cliff Jennings: The facts

Cliff Jennings, the now popular Idols contestant, was exposed to blogger Bruinman to be a marketing ploy by Ogilvy. This was confirmed on Tuesday by Pierre Cloete, brand manager at M-Net. I don’t want to discuss how I feel the campaign should have been executed or how Ogilvy doesn’t understand the concept of social media. […]