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Identity-management pitfalls

In article one and two I made the case for identity-management (IdM) and how an IdM solution can address the everyday problems experienced in organisations. In this article I’m bringing things back to reality and I’ll be highlighting the aspects that could cause your IdM project to overrun and underdeliver. Firstly, technology is only 20% […]

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The identity-management solution

In my first article I described the requirement for an identity-management (IdM) solution. In this article I will highlight some of the ways in which a properly implemented IdM solution can meet those requirements. One of the very first deliverables in an IdM project is to establish the single view of an identity. Your IdM […]

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The case for identity management

Identity management (IdM) has become a buzz phrase in the industry surrounded by more confusion than facts and experience. So what exactly is an identity and why do we need to manage it? An identity consists of attributes describing a person — typically name, surname, ID number, email address, etc. IdM concerns itself with the […]

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Spending online, safely

Personally I think online shopping is one of the more valuable additions the internet has made to my life. I don’t always like shopping malls, and I absolutely hate not finding a specific product I’m looking for, never mind finally tracking down that product only to arrive at a store with depleted stock levels. Thankfully […]

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The paradox of technology

“Advancement” and “technology” are words typically mentioned in the same breath, and in most situations technology has made our everyday lives much easier — no more standing in queues in banks, no more taking cheques to people for payment and no more expensive phone bills to communicate internationally. People tend to forget, though — or […]

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Managing your identity

People through the ages have always had a requirement to prove in a credible and trustworthy manner that they are indeed who they say they are. Given the power that comes with a person authenticating their identity, it follows naturally that the art of identity fraud has become prevalent in areas where a lot of […]