Jake White and the (other) succession debate

So Jake White has quit his job. By now that should not come as a surprise to too many people. It shouldn’t be a shock that the South African Rugby Union (Saru) will shoulder much of the blame for his decision. But what I find intriguing is the number of people arguing why Saru should…

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Transformation of rugby needs quotas

OK, let me be brave and write about something I am not supposed to know much about, namely rugby. (After all, I supported the Springboks because of JP Pietersen’s sexy legs.) These are the facts: only two of the regular players in the World Cup-winning Springbok rugby team are not lily-white. At the same time,…

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Wanted: A government that is not embarrassed by its people

It is nice to have a President who cares what the world thinks. It would be far nicer to have one who cares what the people of South Africa think. Thabo Mbeki’s desire to change the nickname of some national sports teams may seem like a frivolous diversion from our national challenges. In reality, it…

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Rugby administrators bungle again

As I sit, gazing out of my office window, through the pouring rain, at the 15th green at Johannesburg Country Club, I take small comfort in that my only consolation is that those well-heeled midweek golfers who taunt me on a daily basis will not be able to do so for the remainder of this…

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Rainbow nation my foot!

Black consciousness as a political movement may be suffering from a image crisis in this age of non-racism and rainbow-nationhood, but once in a while events remind us of how its teachings remain as relevant as when they first surfaced at black universities in the 1960s and early 1970s. For it were the Zim-Zims (as…

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‘There’s nothing wrong with the game’

So, now that an Aussie has helped us in our World Cup endeavours, it’s probably not bad form to agree with that Aussie when he says something worth listening to. In the aftermath of the World Cup, much has been said and written about the final as a spectacle, specifically portraying it as a drab,…

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‘Bafana Bafana’ offends Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki, presumably in an effort to appear even-handed, has lashed out against the nicknames of our national football teams. Even though the people chose them.

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White is the man to transform SA Rugby! But no one will listen!

Congrats, Bokke! On Saturday you made us all proud. You will go down in history as one of the greatest teams in rugby history, not just because you won, but also because you came through against all the odds. Looking back to the 2003 World Cup, Springbok rugby was a shambles. Working at the event…

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Steak, the World Cup and good bones

I have to confess that the highlight for me of Saturday’s World Cup game was the steak. We braaied, of course, and it being a special occasion, I got in some prime rump from the nearby Famous Butcher’s Grill. It is not cheap, but with a teriyaki marinade tends to evoke the sort of eyeball-rolling…

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Time to call it quits, Jake

I thought I was going to let my fellow bloggers run with the ball on this great rugby debate, but I just have to claim my pound of flesh. So, here goes! I think Jake White should do more than pee on the ashtrays on the desks of his bosses (as fellow blogger Chris Moerdyk…

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