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Putting money on hip relationships

Patrice Motsepe, South Africa’s football and mining oligarch, last week took time to chill, as they say, with visiting US Hip Hop star 50 Cent. Motsepe even attended 50’s show at The Dome, in Johannesburg. And to compensate for Motsepe nodding and humming along to rather strange music in the company of teenagers and 20–somethings, […]

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I am Egyptian

The Pharaohs are deserving winners of this year’s Africa Cup of Nations. If they had not won against the “Indomitable Lions” (just as well lions were not asked when Cameroon chose this name), they would have been worthy victors for coming up with ever-so-novel goal celebrations at this year’s tournament. First it was Zidan who, […]

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Don’t call me Lucky

I have a stock response to the outraged SMSs and emails from Kenya, Zimbabwe and elsewhere I get on the death of reggae icon Lucky Dube: “He died of our society” — a society that is still learning to value life. I don’t quite remember where I got this from, but it may be a […]

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The intriguing Mourinho is gone

Jose Mourinho is gone — at least from Chelsea football club. But what an impression he left. The figure of the histrionic, hirsute and handsome man in a grey Armani coat remains etched on our minds. Let’s get this straight from the outset, I support Arsenal. His leaving is, in a way, liberating; those who […]

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Victims of their madness

While the many derisory and manifestly xenophobic descriptions that saddle Zimbabweans include “cowardly”, “itinerant”, “corrupt” and “criminal”, they will be galled to know that almost half of the population is insane. The other descriptions were not based on empirical data, but the latest designation comes from no less an authority than the World Health Organisation […]