Ras Bafana Bafana — they’ve lost my support

Here’s a fun question: who do you hate more, Brandon Huntley or Ras Dumisani? The white man who jaded an entire country by being a monumental ass, or da black mon who jaded an entire country by being a monumental, er Rasta? Letting alone the question of why we’re so jade-able as a country in…

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Let’s blow our own vuvuzela

Recently, international soccer governing body Fifa decided to take a Cape Town company to court over their selling of key rings. The key rings are in the form of two ixilongo (plural for vuvuzela) crossing towards the blow ends with “2010” embossed onto a soccer ball. What’s worrying are reports of an inspectorate who will…

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Our heritage is no joke

It’s been dubbed “anthemgate”. November 13 2009 the South African rugby team, affectionately known as the Springboks, is playing France at the Municipal Stadium in Toulouse and the stadium is packed. Both teams are lining up for the national anthems and I thought the French were quite the sportsmen as they were absolutely on attention…

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Should Bafana coach Joel Santana be given the boot?

This week’s Talkback question on the Mail & Guardian Online: Should Bafana coach Joel Santana be given the boot? (more…)

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Leonard Chuene’s real mistake

Athletics South Africa president Leonard Chuene fell into the classic trap of not thinking far enough ahead when he made the fateful decision not to withdraw Caster Semenya from the Berlin competition. Most of the criticism and calls for his resignation have been from the emotional/human level, his failure as a CEO of Athletics SA…

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Chuene is SA’s scapegoat

South Africans are using Leonard Chuene as their scapegoat in one of the most sordid abuses of power by many officials and ASA. He has admitted to a trail of lies that have landed him outside the favour of the ruling party, and have resulted in the mistreatment of an excellent athlete. He has undoubtedly…

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The Tri-Nations rugby win and bad losers

It was one of the most magnificent tries I have ever seen. With not too many minutes left in the game All Black Danny Carter hoofed the ball across the field near the touchline and Richie McCaw expertly caught it and snaked past — with a few minor collisions — about three Bokke in the…

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Why is Caster ‘our little girl’ anyway?

Poor Caster Semenya, magically transformed into a political football nearly a year ahead of the World Cup. Suddenly she finds herself a symbol of the injured womanhood of the nation, under attack by cynical and racist white people, both South African and Australian. What’s interesting is the repeated reference to Caster as “our little girl”….

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Semenya saga simply brings out the worst in South Africans

Seldom has there ever been such a clear and insane demonstration of hysteria overwhelming reason as we’ve been subjected to in the last week or so. Every two-bit hack in the country has churned out an article on sex or gender testing, how it’s done, and what it can or cannot prove. Almost every columnist…

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Kick Chiefs, Millwall and West Ham out of tournaments

In 1995 while acting for various syndicates of Lloyd’s of London I was fortunate enough to travel to the United Kingdom to meet with certain members of the underwriter. The trip lasted for ten days which gave me the opportunity to go and watch my beloved Derby County play on three separate occasions, the last…

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