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The business of free

Many of the most popular websites in the world offer a free service, yet are hugely profitable. Free search from Google; free messaging with MXit; free news from Mail & Guardian Online, even free photocopies! Most people who use them haven’t even considered how these ventures might make money. In fact, if you consider the […]

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The motivation to co-create value

The idea of authentic co-creation is quite obviously the most important shift that is happening in marketing and strategy today. It is a move away from centralised control of communications and branding to a more decentralised, user-oriented approach. At the iCommons Innovation Series last week in Jo’burg, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales stated that any business […]

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Dealing with my attention crisis

As the amount of new information produced in the world every day escalates, so I find my attention span decreasing in equal and opposite proportion. As more people in South Africa start publishing their own media online — on Facebook, blogs, videos and podcasts — so my choices about what to pay attention to become […]