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Counter-media: Alive in Baghdad

A group of American and Iraqi reporters has launched a blog, website and YouTube video channel called Alive in Baghdad that “formed to counter the sound-bite-driven, ‘live from’ news model”. The videos on YouTube, predictably, have inspired a lot of comments. The interesting aspect of this project, and many others like it, is its counter-media […]

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Really, we’re a society of illiterates?

Someone told me the other day that we live in a society of illiterates, that kids don’t read any more and that the quality of our interaction with words is declining because of TV and tabloid newspapers. All I could say in response was: “Huh?” It’s so easy to talk about corruption of journalism and […]

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Late night obsessions with Asassin’s Creed

There is something about Assassin’s Creed, the up-coming game from Ubisoft that has me salivating, shaking and smiling a toothless grin all at the same time, even though I only drool at night and I do actually have teeth. Not only has the Middle East been politically volatile for the past couple of thousand years, […]