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Manto’s gone, so what?

So Gareth Cliff is insensitive for speaking ill of the dead. We should obviously now accept the word of the ANC that Manto Tshabalala-Msimang didn’t use her influence to hijack a donor liver from somebody who’d been waiting much longer than she had, and the stories about her kleptomania were surely contrived by her political […]

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So who is this Che Guevara then?

When the news broke that Durban’s Moore Road was going to be renamed after a famous motorcyclist I nearly choked on my morning muffin. Was the ruling party going soft? Which of our province’s four motorcycle world champions had cracked the nod? The thought of riding my bike down Ballington Boulevard, Ekerold Expressway, Langston Close […]

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Point taken? No point!

Picture this. A rep, late for an appointment in the next town, gets caught doing 143 km/h in a 120 zone. The fine’s supposed to be R750, but the cop seems a little reluctant to start writing. Finally, he broaches the subject of “breakfast.” He and his partner, he says, don’t feel like all the […]

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Car whores

When in comes to selling cars, the badge obviously means a lot, but for buyers the nameplate often doesn’t tell the whole story. Take that good old South African favourite, the Toyota Hilux. How many of you lot know that in the 1980s Volkswagen assembled the pickup in Europe and sold it as the VW […]