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Finding truth in a culture of secrecy

By Vinayak Bhardwaj The release of the “Nkandla files” reported in last week’s Mail & Guardian was the product of a long battle against a fast-calcifying culture of secrecy in our public bodies. Through bureaucratic delays, misinterpretations of the law and the overuse of “national security” as a basis for non-disclosure, public and private bodies […]

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Gaddafi’s gifts to Mozambique

By Luis Nhachote On Thursday, news of Muammar Gaddafi’s brutal end topped the news. In Mozambique, many people will remember the antics of the colonel and the times he spent there. Frequently during his visits, he nonchalantly shuffled the protocols of the Frelimo government to gain favour with the public. I remember the 2003 summit […]

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Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa?

By Theresa Chapulapula Malawi is fondly known as the warm heart of Africa. This aptly describes the country. The warmth and the beauty of its people really make Malawi a must to visit. If you have never been to that Southern African country, then you are really missing something in life. The language barrier should […]

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Bring. It. On.

By Sally Evans Two weeks ago, I wrote a story about former Gauteng crime intelligence boss Joey Mabasa’s gun allegedly being used to kill strip club tycoon Lolly Jackson. It made me realise how far this story has come since Jackson’s death a year ago, and the unimaginable journey it has led me on as […]

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What a media tribunal means

By Glenda Daniels I wonder if the media appeals tribunal the ANC wants so badly will happen. Raymond Louw, deputy chairperson of the media freedom committee at the South African National Editor’s Forum (Sanef), who I interviewed on Wednesday reflected that it would, but in about a year’s time, after an investigation into its feasibility […]

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No show from ANC

By Glenda Daniels Guess what? The ANC has not shown up for any of the Press Council review public hearings held so far this month. And yet, it is the ANC, more than any other organisation in the country, which is unhappy about the independent and critical South African press. Last year there was heated […]