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Football over power!

By Gcina Ntsaluba The World Cup might be running like a well-oiled machine on the surface but behind the closed doors of the Local Organising Committee offices, a “war” is brewing. Conspiracy theories of a possible coup d’état on chief organiser Danny Jordaan by his deputy, Irvin Khoza, have been going around, and according to […]

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Fifa: Time for a coup?

By Adriaan Basson Who owns the sea? (BP might think they do, but no.) And street cricket? And climbing up Table Mountain? Horse racing? And walking your dog? So why do we allow Fifa to continue behaving as if they own the beautiful game? Why should I be forced to pay R30 for one reddish […]

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The story that almost changed my life

By Jackie Mapiloko For the last two months I’ve been working on a story that was going to change my life. It should have been published weeks ago, but I remember saying to my boss: “There’s something missing, I need more time.” If this story’s aim was to make every humanitarians stomach turn with anger, […]

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This is why we write about strip clubs

By Ilham Rawoot Some readers seem to have gotten the wrong idea about Amabhungane’s coverage of the strip-club industry — coverage that we plan to continue. Some comments are that I, as the writer, am a prude, that I am against the decriminalisation of prostitution, and that what I am writing about in this regard […]

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The World Cup’s two faces

By Gcina Ntsaluba Cape Town was a bit of a buzz this week with celebrations to mark the 30-day countdown to the kick-off of the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Even the mayor, Dan Plato, showed up at the celebrations to share the spotlight with local artists, including JR of “make da circle bigger” fame to […]

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Our government idolises crime

By Jackie Mapiloko Just over a week ago I woke up to the news that my brother and his wife were shot in their home. Three bullets went through his spine and his wife was hit in the neck and stomach. He will never walk again. She is still in intensive care and can’t remember […]

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What should we investigate?

By Adriaan Basson Being an investigative journalist, a question one often hears from friends, family or followers is: “Why don’t you rather investigate X or Y?” When I started working as a journalist, I was afraid that I would not have enough material to write about. Today one of the hardest decisions we often have […]