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Right2Know: There’s a fight to be fought

By Glenda Daniels This is my first blog. I will write about confessions of a non-blogger, non-tweeter, non-Facebooker, another time. For now, an exciting, nerve-wracking, tense, but maybe even adventurous year awaits us. There are confusing issues to digest regarding the democratic space of the media in 2011 after the traumatic flurry last year: journalists’ […]

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Taking the bull by the horns

By Nelly Shamase I’ve finally moved out of home. At the not-so-tender-age of 27, many would argue that it’s been a long time coming. Try telling that to my parents. When you’re the last born of seven children — and you’re a girl to boot — your parents are not as eager to let you […]

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Toilet saga still smells

By Jackie Mapiloko During school holidays my parents would ship me to a relative’s house in Evaton, a tiny settlement in the Vaal Triangle. My ageing relative was landlord to about 20 families who lived in shacks in a yard, which she had inherited from her mother. As the landlord, or ”ma-stand” as she was […]

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The media needs a hug

By Ilham Rawoot Writing a good investigative story is hard work. It’s not a matter of sitting down at a computer and typing away. It takes a lot of time, talking to many sources, going through documents, research and asking questions to people implicated or involved. This includes putting allegations to people and getting a […]