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The national question in South Africa

It is not easy to ignore the national question in South Africa, particularly presently, both in the context of 20 years of democracy and also given the troubling discourse by certain seemingly regressive people and or institutions. It is also hard to overlook this paramount issue of the national question when one observes the socio-economic […]

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Finding heart beyond heat and ice

By Barbara Nussbaum South Africa’s high drama over Speargate has touched people deeply. Opinions have been thrown in every direction, from every corner. As we engage further in public debate in the media, we need individually and collectively to identify the many layers that make the complexity of the moment so profound. We need to […]

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Why I love e-tolls (and you should too)

CEOs are not the sort of people we usually pay much attention to. Unless you’re Steve Jobs, excitement about corporate reshuffling doesn’t extend much beyond the business community. Except when you’re CEO of the most hated organisation in South Africa right now. Then you become the top trending topic on Twitter and everybody is happy […]

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Biff and Knorr: Building a nation

There is absolutely no truth in the spurious claims made by some analysts that South Africans lack sufficient common ground with which to transcend their differences in race, culture and religion and become a united people. Quite the contrary. There are in fact many strange and idiosyncratic occurrences which we all have to endure on […]