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Yes, I’m brown and I listen to rock music

I am a rock music writer and photographer and while in the photography pit recently, I was asked “what does an Indian chick know about rock?” Aside from being called “an Indian chick”, which is an argument for another day, I was taken aback that in this day and age, someone could seriously still racially […]

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Exposure to music can help

In 2007 Philip de Villiers started his own music school, Born to be Famous. The school aimed to foster the talent of young South African musicians and help them achieve greatness. As part of their goodwill the school also awarded scholarships to talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds. “I felt a strong sense of duty and […]

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There simply is no space

I find it odd that people today will log into various platforms of social networking to ”consume” new music yet you ask them what their favourite band is and they draw a blank. Look at your twitter timeline or go onto Facebook and just study for a day or so the amount of new music […]

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Musing on music

“Korean flamenco” might appear to be an oxymoron, and in a sense it is. After all, flamenco is as Spanish as one can get in the realm of music … and indigenous Korean music is nothing like it. But last night we – the delegates to a conference on English literature organised by the English […]

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Turkish delight too

It was like entering a futuristic cave, where a culture’s history washes over visitors in a ceremony of initiation, making it a pleasurable sensation of assimilating its distinctive perspective on the world. It was dark when we entered, but only momentarily, before a feast of colours cascaded, as if from nowhere, dappling faces and surfaces […]