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Saving Bafana

The single biggest threat to our national soccer team is our national hockey team. Allow me to explain: Our soccer is average because the sport is cultivated outside of any centres of excellence. Rugby for example is cultivated in former Model C schools and private schools with ample resources and a disciplined work ethic. The […]

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There simply is no space

I find it odd that people today will log into various platforms of social networking to ”consume” new music yet you ask them what their favourite band is and they draw a blank. Look at your twitter timeline or go onto Facebook and just study for a day or so the amount of new music […]

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We need to get over apartheid

This past week I have been confronted once more with the debate as to whether we should ‘’talk’’ about apartheid and by extension race relations. First I tuned into Eusebius McKaiser’s talk show on 702 where a gentleman called in to ask whether ‘’we can stop talking about race every day’’ and McKaiser responded by […]

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Your opinion is stupid, but I like it

So you have an opinion and no-one will convince you otherwise? Join the club. Modern globalised society is awash with smart-arses ready and able to communicate their mighty opinions at the drop of the smallest provocation. You tell me I’m a racist? Well let me grab my smartphone out mister and I will set you […]