August 30 2021 - Kokkerbooms, the night sky & the Milky Way in Kamieskroon along the N7 in the Namaqualand floristic region in the Northern Cape. Photo by David Harrsion

Governments around the world have begun to acknowledge the frequency with which unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP), also known as UFOs, are traversing Earth’s air space. Nasa administrator Bill Nelson acknowledged that the UAP currently being viewed by pilots around the world could be from a civilization “that is civilised and organised like ours.” 

The US government’s Office for the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a report in June 2021 that confirmed the non-human origins of these craft by noting that “a handful of the UAPs appear to demonstrate advanced technology” that defy our current understanding of physics and aerodynamics

Could these unidentified aviators be members of our extended interstellar family of planets? One hypothesis that is gaining momentum is that the Earth is part of a much larger galactic ecosystem and these interstellar aviators are members of our interstellar family who are making an effort to reconnect with humanity to assist us in accepting the reality of their existence.

Historically, governments around the world have enforced a policy of “official denial” and cover up as far as UAPs or UFOs are concerned. This was accompanied by a concerted disinformation campaign, launched shortly after the Roswell incident in which a published newspaper report in the Roswell Daily Record of 8 July 1947 confirming the “capture” of a crashed “flying saucer” was retracted and a false story stating that the object was a weather balloon was issued to the public

The “official denial” disinformation campaign has been maintained by authorities across the world, including within government, academia and in the media, effectively establishing a knee-jerk dismissal and reactive suppression of any attempts to treat the emerging phenomenon with any seriousness. Accompanying the policy of official denial was a global programme to control the political, intellectual, cultural, educational and societal spheres to downplay the prospective existence of non-human civilisations. 

This brainwashing programme achieved its objectives because until recently any attempt to discuss this issue with any degree of objectivity is still met with stigma and ridicule. Media newsrooms have tended to dismiss any rational discussion of this phenomenon and some media houses still refuse to feature any stories on their platforms.

The stigma, ridicule and dismissiveness directed at the UAP/UFO phenomenon is unfortunate because those who are dismissing have not done their own research and are operating from scientific and religious dogma. For the majority of people on our planet, the only reference point for UFOs is Hollywood movies that generally tend to depict aliens as invaders, conquerors and enslavers. If this is the prevailing mindset, then the reaction to a real-life physical visitation by extra-terrestrial beings will be one of fear and trepidation.

Human beings do not respond well when they are afraid and some of the worst atrocities that we have committed against each other as people, including genocide, have been based on a fearful reaction to a perceived external threat. 

Academics around the world have not significantly engaged with studies of the phenomenon, and the UAP/UFO subject is still treated with some disdain as researchers fear how they will be perceived by their peers if they engage with this topic. There is now a growing number of academically peer-reviewed articles on UAPs appearing in formal institutional research journals, such as Kevin Knuth, Robert Powell and Peter Reali’s article in the scientific journal Entropy, titled Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles and published on 25 September 2019. 

There are currently no university programmes in Africa studying the UFO phenomenon. Paradoxically, a large section of humanity that subscribes to religion believes in angels, but they do not believe that angels can fly spaceships!

The global disinformation campaign was reversed on 25 June 2021 when the ODNI report formally confirmed the reality of UAP, stating that these craft still remain unidentified. The confirmation by the Nasa administrator and the efforts to adopt national Senate legislation to establish a formal office on UAP has ushered humanity into an “Official Disclosure” era

Other governments around the world have already released information confirming the existence of these unidentified aerial incursions, including the UK’s defence ministry, whose former employee Nick Pope has formally confirmed the existence of non-human aerial craft traversing British air space. Similarly, the French government has sanctioned the Cometa report which has also acknowledged the existence of UAP

One perspective notes that the increasing frequency of their appearance as well as the non-confrontational and benign nature of the unidentified fly-bys, suggests that they are attempting to communicate their presence to humanity in a non-threatening manner. If their posture is non-threatening, does this suggest that we are connected to them in some way. Humanity’s heritage could have an interstellar origin, alternatively they could be time-travellers who are returning from a future version of the Earth to engage with contemporary society. 

Even though this sounds like science fiction, research being conducted at the Perimeter Institute, in Canada, now suggests that warp drives and time travel are theoretically possible. The field of quantum mechanics and string theory, one of the most successful scientific theories of all time with a number of Nobel laureates, postulates the existence of at least 11 dimensions, beyond the three dimensions that we are familiar with as human beings. The question as to who lives in these 11 dimensions is worthy of consideration, even though it is difficult to answer satisfactorily because there are no experiments that we can conduct to provide us with empirical evidence of existence beyond our reality. 

The interstellar aviators could potentially provide us with answers to this question, and therefore it is necessary for us to keep an open mind as to the potential reality of extraterrestrial civilizations seeking out to make contact with our human society.

An “interstellar family hypothesis” can begin to fill in some of the gaps that we have in our understanding about the origins of the UAPs and their intention to reconnect with humanity. This raises the question of whether we are approaching a time when we will reconnect with our interstellar family. On 13 October 2020, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, the UK and the US signed the Artemis Accords, which are described as the “principles for cooperation in the civil exploration and use of the moon, Mars, comets and asteroids for peaceful purposes”. The fact that these accords include the peaceful exploration of Mars points to humanity’s own aspirations to become an interstellar civilization. 

The global media needs to compel governments to provide additional information about what they know on UAP. This means that the White House press corps needs to continue requesting President Joe Biden to issue a formal statement confirming the “official disclosure”, further reverse the official cover up that has plagued these phenomena and to release all information relating to an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. 

Now that official disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence is gradually being rolled out, it is important for every individual and community to prepare themselves mentally, psychologically and culturally to engage with this emerging reality. Concretely, this means having open conversations with family members about the UFO phenomenon, despite how difficult this is and how much ridicule and resistance you might encounter. 

If you are a source of information then you can help to reduce the fear, when actual disclosure happens. In addition, every individual should do their own self-work to find out about the extra-terrestrial phenomenon and make up their own mind. If you have access to a cell phone you can do your own research. The official disclosure on 25 June 2021 ushered humanity into a new era of interstellar interaction, and the only question is whether we are ready to embrace it.


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